Debleuve: a portmonteau of blue and love.

Hi everyone,

“debleuve is a word that I made up on a whim to express my fascination for the colour. I consider myself an ordinary girl that is average in most aspects except for height. Growing up with four sisters, I always thought that I would be the second tallest sibling in the family (a very weird thought that I possessed when I was a kid). Things didn’t really turn out as I wished. I ended being the second shortest sibling in the family, soon to be the shortest since my youngest sister, currently twelve years old, will outgrow me one day.

This blogs is created for my sisters and friends to follow me on my journey around Vietnam and Thailand. I hope they will find pleasure in discovering new things with me as they stalk me each day while disregarding the poor grammar and word choices that will be contained in each post.

Thanks for reading!