I thought that it would be more appropriate to dedicate an entire post just for the kids that I met at the orphanage. The kids that you will see below either don’t have parents or were thrown at the front entrance of the orphanage so the nuns (who run the place) could take care of them. Some kids, unfortunately, have really serious illnesses such as: mental disorders, physical disorders, and so on.

I actually felt really reluctant making this post because normally when I make a post, I would include at least a photo with it. I didn’t want to show you pictures of these kids to make then seem like freak-shows from a circus because really, they definitely aren’t. However, if I don’t post them, then some of you may not understand how much of an impact these kids had on me. So that is why I decided show you an important part of my Day 4 here.

For the majority of the time, they are very lonely because they don’t get much attention. The number of nuns there are overruled by the number of unfortunate kids there. Since there are a lot of kids there, the nuns are very busy and cannot entertain the kids as much as they might want to.

When Phuong’s family, Aunti Yen, and my family arrived at the orphanage, the kids were so delighted to see us. The kids that were able to walk ran to us and hugged us, reminding us that our presence there meant a lot to them.

This is what I saw:

This kid is 16 years old and has never gotten out of his crib. One of his sicknesses is paralysis.

This kid is 16 years old and has never gotten out of his crib. One of his sicknesses is paralysis.

Also sick from paralysis.

Also sick from muscle malfunction.


Look how cute this kid is!!

Look how cute this kid is!!





A little gift for the orphanage.

A little gift for the orphanage.

Not all of the kids are shown here because I don’t have any other photos to show. Although I know that I’m going to sound completely cliche, I still want to say that there are really, really, people out there who are way more poor than us and unfortunate than us. It’s really heartbreaking to see these kids being trapped in a crib and never get to experience how beautiful life can be.

Our job here is genuinely appreciate what we have and be grateful for the love and care that we get. And if we want to be more, we can save a bit of change and spare them to the under-privileged individuals like these kids! I hope I sparked some inspiration in you.


Thanks so much for reading!