Hola amigos.

I have a piano exam in August that I’m kind of nervous for. I asked my mom to help me find a place in town for me to practise piano so I don’t completely lose the music in my fingers while being on vacation. My mom recommended me to practise at her old school, “Truong Thanh Tam”. So yes, I went there to practise yesterday. We paid in advanced to rent out the piano and the price came down to 50,000 VD (Vietnamese Đồng), which is equivalent to $2.50 CAD.

So after an hour of practising, I went out of the run-down piano room and was told to talk to the person in charge of the piano place. She was an old nun at there. Anywaaaay, she looked at my books and said that I played pieces at a high level so I need to pay an extra 50, 000 VD for borrowing her piano. At first, I was like, “Wtf is she saying. Did my mom not pay the fee in advanced already? I asked my dad if he heard what I heard so he told me to just pay for the fee. So I did.

Later on, I met up with my mom and told her the story and she was wtf-ing about it too. We went back to talk to the nun and she explained the same thing. My mom didn’t argue for being ripped off because she didn’t want to make the ma seour angry. Because if she was angry, then I wouldn’t be able to practise there anymore. I felt really resentful towards the ma nun because c’mon. She’s a freakin nun but she is greedy for money? Why would you charge someone an extra $2.50 just because they play more complicated pieces. That doesn’t make any sense. I was just renting out the piano, not borrowing any books, not borrowing a freakin’ teacher. Just. The. Piano.

Let’s say I want to swim at a community centre’s pool. They tell me pay $3 if I dip my body into the water and blow bubbles. However, if I decided to swim laps, then I would have to pay $6. Yeah, I know. There’s no logic in that.

But anyway, the nun has some crazy sin to wash right there. I was so mad that I decided to stop playing there. Why would I feed into their greed even more, right? Who knows what BS that nun can make next time.

Anyway, end of rant. More pictures later tonight (for me).