Today marks the beginning of my three days until I leave for my mother country for the first time ever! Being raised in a family of seven people, it has always been difficult finding a time to travel with the family as a whole, since everyone has different schedules and commitments. During my reading break this year, my three younger sisters, my parents, and my aunt went on the Caribbean cruise without me, which was kind of sad and relaxing for me–sad because I never went on a cruise before and I heard wonderful stories from my sisters’ cruise experience (oh and sure, I missed my family, kind of); relaxed because I didn’t have to listen to any of my parents’ loud conversations (my parents sound like they are yelling at each other when they’re actually “talking”) and my sisters didn’t interrupt any of my naps.

This summer, the tables are turned, My sisters will be attending summer school: one of them hopes to use her course for university admissions, another tries to get her course over with so it can turn into history, and last but not least, my youngest sister chills around (like always) and remains immobile in front of her computer playing Mall World. Lucky her.

Anyway, I’m nowhere near ready for vacation because I haven’t purchased everything I needed yet. I wish I could just bring everything I have on vacation–especially my bed. I still need mosquito repellent (a must need because I heard the mosquitoes there are blood-thirsty freaks) and other shinanigans. I guess I can do the shopping tomorrow.

In 3…